Jobs and the Economy

The number one issue facing all Americans today is the state of our economy.  Our leaders in Washington need to adopt policies that will grow our economy and create high-paying 21st century jobs.  To do so, we believe that it is critical to keep taxes low.  The last thing that we need to do, especially in the face of an economic downturn, is to increase taxes on any American family or business.

Additionally, for our economy to succeed we must recognize that we live in a global economy and that the United States must take every practical step to ensure American businesses and workers have the opportunity to compete and win in this global marketplace. To accomplish this, we support free trade — opening markets to American companies helps put them at the top of the global supply chain.

We must also unleash the power of our entrepreneurial spirit and continue to make the United States the world leader in innovation and research.  To do this, we must continue to invest and encourage innovation and research by strengthening and making permanent the R&D tax credit.

Tackling Deficits and our Debt

Our country is facing an unprecedented fiscal crisis posed by our growing yearly federal deficit spending and our mountains of federal debt.  The federal government must learn to live within its means.  To make this happen and to truly tackle this crisis we must find and cut wasteful or ineffective discretionary spending and reform our entitlement programs.


Education is the foundation on which our economy is built.   We must strengthen and invest in math and science programs and make college affordable for all who wish to better their prospects and who by that endeavor, wish to better America.

Health Care

We can make healthcare more available and affordable to all Americans.  To do so, however, we need to pursue market-driven solutions that utilize new technologies, end medical malpractice abuse, eliminate waste and fraud, and encourage competition to reduce costs, improve treatment and expand access.

We believe that the provisions of Obamacare that are not working should be repealed, that those provisions that are working should be retained, and that additional healthcare reform measures should be passed that will increase access to quality healthcare while at the same time lowering costs across the healthcare system.

The United States has the most advanced healthcare system in the world and as a result attracts patients from all over the world. We need to continue to encourage and foster innovation in the healthcare sector to make sure our healthcare system remains a global leader.

Energy and the Environment

We can work to establish energy independence while at the same time reducing the impact on our environment.  We believe that reducing our dependence on foreign oil will benefit the consumer, strengthen our businesses, and enhance the security of our country.

We support energy policies that recognize the need to utilize every tool available.  As such, we encourage and support the use of renewable energy and alternative sources.  We also support expanding access to domestic sources of traditional energy.

We believe that we can protect our natural resources without putting American jobs at risk.


Our brave men and women in uniform are on the front lines fighting to protect the freedoms that make our country great.  We should honor and respect this service.  We must commit to ensuring that they receive everything they need to keep them safe while on the field of battle, as well as ensuring they received every possible medical, educational, and vocational opportunity possible upon their return to civilian life.