Congratulations to Karen Handel

Last night in Georgia we witnessed months of hard work and rough campaigning come to an exciting conclusion. After the dust settled, I was thrilled to see Karen Handel come out on top to keep this Congressional seat in Republican hands.

Karen’s win was impressive on many fronts. With this being one of five special elections and only one of 2 that took place last night, both sides pulled out the stops and went all in on her race. As many Main Street members have experienced, running a campaign in a race with heavy outside spending drastically shifts the dynamic of the race and raises the stakes. Facing fierce Democratic opposition and a candidate that became a darling of the establishment, she handled herself with poise and remained focused on her goal.

In addition to keeping the seat in Republican hands and bolstering our majority, this win was important for Main Street because Karen is the first candidate that has received the support of the Women2Women PAC. W2W is the only Republican super PAC solely focused on defending and electing female candidates and it was a great start to be able to help push our first candidate across the finish line to victory.

Given our mission of electing Republican women to Congress, Karen’s win was even sweeter for Women2Women as she is the first GOP woman elected to Congress in Georgia. Her success is a testament to what we can achieve when Republican women candidates receive the support and fundraising infrastructure that any candidate needs to win.

I applaud Karen on this victory and look forward to having her in Congress.