Judge Neil Gorsuch, Nominee to the Supreme Court


Yesterday, the President announced his nominee to fill the long-standing vacancy on the Supreme Court.  This is one of the greatest responsibilities bestowed upon our highest elected office, the ramifications of which last long past the lifetime of any presidency.  This President was faced with the task of replacing an extremely influential conservative justice while facing a combative Democratic party that has blocked cabinet level confirmations at every turn.  His choice of Judge Neil Gorsuch treads this thin line and will put a strong mainstream conservative voice on the court.  


One of the conservative principles Judge Gorsuch has defended relates well to a hallmark of Main Street’s mission. In a 2005 op-ed he cleverly discussed the progressive movement’s overreliance on using the courts to affect social change, effectively running over the legislative branch.  There is a reason they call the Senate “the world’s greatest deliberative body.”  The Senate, and Congress as a whole, have a unique ability to create policy based on compromise.  As Judge Gorsuch pointed out, when every issue gets brought to the courts, it is win or lose and we take away the ability to work out an agreement through the members of Congress elected to represent the people.  Main Street members take on that responsibility of creating compromise and work across the aisle to move policy and make government work.  


With another member of the court that has an ingrained respect for the legislative process, Main Street members can confidently continue to work on policy without the fear of judicial overreach.  I look forward to seeing Judge Gorsuch move through the confirmation process and am excited to see him as a conservative voice on the Supreme Court.