Main Street Welcomes Rep. Mike Gallagher

The Republican Main Street Partnership is thrilled to welcome our newest member, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI).  Rep. Gallagher is the newly elected Congressman from Wisconsin’s eighth district, which encompasses the northeastern corner of the state including Green Bay and Appleton. He won an open-seat election to succeed retiring three-term Rep. Reid Ribble. We’re delighted to have Rep. Gallagher, a Midwestern conservative with an impressive background in the military and the private sector, join our ranks.

A graduate of Princeton University, Rep. Gallagher joined the Marine Corps and served seven years on active duty as a Human Intelligence/Counterintelligence Officer and Regional Affairs Officer for the Middle East and North Africa. In this time, he earned the rank of Captain. During his service, he deployed twice to Iraq as a commander of intelligence teams and served on General Petraeus’ Central Command Assessment Team in the Middle East. Following his military service, he worked for three years in the U.S. intelligence community. He then became a lead Republican staffer on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and was the national security advisor for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s presidential Campaign.

Following several years in the private sector as senior global market strategist at Breakthrough Fuel, a Green Bay, Wisconsin-based energy and supply chain management company, he answered the call to return to public service by running for Congress. In a tightly contested race with national attention, he successfully pitched his conservative message to the voters, emphasizing his credentials on national security.

Rep. Gallagher ran for Congress on a platform of keeping Americans safe and making the government work for the people. Main Street shares these values and looks forward to a productive relationship with Rep. Gallagher. He is now the 72nd member of the Republican Main Street Partnership, and we are continuing to grow. More and more members of Congress are recognizing our role as the governing wing of the Republican Party and joining us to work on pragmatic, conservative solutions to the issues we face as a nation.