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Our Mission

Unity Instead of Division.
Pragmatism Instead of Identity Politics.

It’s what conservatives have traditionally stood for — and we take pride in that heritage. It was conservatives that led the fight for civil rights — first in abolishing slavery, then in expanding equal rights for women, and then in fighting to end racial inequality. Conservatives busted up the big trusts and fought against corporate monopolies. Conservatives fought for environmental protection and against political patronage. Conservatives ended the Vietnam War and won the Cold War without firing a shot. Our values unite rather than divide.

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Limited Government
  • Individual Liberties
  • Belief in the Power of Free Markets and Free People

Making Washington work again

Our country continues to face difficult challenges that require serious leadership. We must support a governing coalition that puts results ahead of politics. We must reach out to independents, disaffected Republicans and Democrats, centrists, suburbanites, and young voters, offering pragmatic, common sense solutions to the complex challenges facing our country today. Our goal is to bring together those who care about this country after decades of hyper-partisanship and dysfunction in Washington. Our vision is unity instead of division, supported by a commitment to governing with core principles.

That’s Main Street Advocacy!

We’re glad you’re here and ask you to join us. With your support, we WILL make a difference!