Rep. Ryan Zinke’s Nomination Passes Senate Committee

Today the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources voted to recommend Main Street member and Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke for the position of Secretary of the Interior. Rep. Zinke’s confirmation will now come up for a vote before the whole Senate body. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Rep. Zinke during his time in Congress and have worked closely with him on many of Main Street’s policy goals, so I know that he is a principled conservative with a background well suited to head up the Department of the Interior.  I firmly believe he will make an excellent Cabinet Secretary.

zinkeforinteriorA lifelong outdoorsman, Congressman Zinke understands the need to preserve our public lands while pursuing a responsible all-of-the-above energy policy, a key pllar of our Main Street Policy Agenda.  We need an energy policy that maintains a diverse portfolio of both fossil fuels and renewable energy sources while investing in advanced energy technologies and modernizing the country’s energy infrastructure. I’m confident that Rep. Zinke will be a strong advocate for energy independence and security and that the Department of the Interior can help preserve America’s role as a leader in the global energy industry.

While it is encouraging to see Congressman Zinke’s confirmation process moving smoothly, it is troubling to see Senate Democrats blocking committee votes on the President’s nominees for Treasury and HHS. Reasonable objections aired within the confirmation process are understandable, but simply refusing to take part in the process in order to delay the formation of the executive branch is unacceptable. Gridlock is the enemy of growth and only sets this Congress up for failure. Main Street’s members are ready to work for responsible solutions – hopefully other members will as well.