Sarah Chamberlain Featured in 2017 Elle Magazine Women In Washington

Elle Magazine
by Rachael Combe
March 22, 2017

SARAH CHAMBERLAIN | President and CEO, Republican Main Street Partnership

Sarah Chamberlain is the majority maker for Republicans in Congress. Because her coalition of more than 70 members of Congress are disproportionately from swing districts, when they lose, it gets harder for the GOP to hang on to the House and Senate. As a result, her members are not “bomb throwers” who want to shut down the government; instead, they look for conservative solutions with bipartisan appeal. “We’re the governing wing of the party. We work to move legislation forward. We’re not the group that says no, and hell no,” she says.

In this session, she hopes, among other things, to introduce tax credits for child care. As a single mother to a 13-year-old daughter—after losing her husband to pancreatic cancer six years ago—Chamberlain is especially sympathetic to workplace- flexibility issues. Lately, she’s been leveraging Republican Main Street Partnership’s influence toward a new project: Called Women2Women, the program started three years ago as a listening tour, connecting female GOP legislators with women voters nationwide in Town Hall–style get-togethers. Now Chamberlain is expanding its mandate to include a PAC to identify and support women looking to run on the Republican ticket. Their fundraising target for this year is $4 million, but ultimately she’d like to grow the group into an EMILY’s List for the right.

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