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W2W Women Entrepreneurs

Empowering Women in Small Business

Since founding the Women2Women Conversations Tour in 2014, I have spent time traveling with Main Street’s Congresswomen to discuss the most pressing issues faced by women and their families across the country. We made it our goal to listen to you, our women constituents, and take the lessons learned back to Congress. Getting anything done in Washington may seem like a longshot at times, but the Women2Women tour has helped produce action on legislation to provide better mental health care, combat the opioid epidemic, and end human trafficking in the United States.

Women2Women has built a reputation as an agent of change in the halls of Congress and our goal is to capitalize on that momentum to help empower and improve outcomes for women entrepreneurs.

American women own and operate 9.4 million companies that employ 7.9 million people and generate $1.4 trillion in sales. Many female entrepreneurs have the desire and skills to expand their businesses but they lack the resources; most notably, they lack sufficient access to capital. A recent Senate report on women entrepreneurs found that, despite making up over 30% of private business owners, women receive a paltry 4% of commercial loans and experience similar discrepancies across most forms of business investment. This is an unacceptable paradigm. As the Women2Women Tour refines its focus to advocating for women entrepreneurs, there are several legislative efforts we plan to champion that can and will close this gender investment gap.

Stand with Women2Women and help us empower women entrepreneurs and create a level playing field for women in small business!

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